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Trust Our Clients

If you’re in a low point of navigating through life or you feel stuck or unsure what to do next and feel overwhelmed with choices then Jackquline's DreamBuilder Program is for you! When I was in college, I was struggling going through tricky times and felt lost. I got offered this program and I tell you it is literally life changing! All the material taught throughout the course helps break down what you want in life and gives a whole new look on yourself and things around you. As Jackquline says, this is life work and it stays with you forever. The amazing thing is you get to pack these tools in your life’s tool box forever! I am now living my dreams and desires after going through this program and I continue to use the tools I have learnt to this day! If you wish to live your dreams and goals, get ahead in life or wish to learn more about yourself then I promise you this course is worth it.

Once Lost College Guy

"My first session with Jackie changed my life. I felt like in that one half hour session my very tangled mind (tangled with anger and depression from postpartum), felt like someone had gone into my brain and cleaned out all the cobwebs. For the first time in my life I felt clear headed, and peaceful, and even hungry! These are feelings I hadn't experienced for a VERY long time. I have been working with Jackie on my wellness journey since 2013, and it has continued to be a life changing experience. I leave feeling like I have been truly provided a loving service, I feel clarity of mind, and confidence within myself to create the life choices that are in my highest good. Jackie is very intuitive, and very responsible in her work. Now that I'm running my own wellness business, I will continue to not only see her myself, but refer my clients where necessary as well. It has been a privilege!”

Rachel Strandlund

I once felt like a deer in the headlights filled with big dreams, and a heart of passion but stuck in my tracks. Keeping my own feet planted with fear, worry and self-doubt unsure of what path to choose, or how to go about it. Until I experienced the foundations and tools of the Dream Builder program coaching from Jackie I was able to mentally, emotionally and physically “un-stuck” myself. I Learned how to set fear aside and take control of my own steering wheel, breaking free the truth of who I am and my power within. I learned the key to living your life’s dreams is that by getting the inside right the outside falls into place, pairing it with saying yes to myself with massive imperfect action! I am now on the path of having decided for a dream, living it each day and using my tools I’ve gained every step of the way! Having a coach who truly cares about you, is there to help and is passionate about seeing you succeed in a positive, safe space makes all of the difference, and Jackie is exactly that.
I am forever grateful.

Ryen Freeman

"From the moment, I entered Jackie’s office my experience has been one of great healing and tremendous positivity. Jackie’s high level of expertise in the fields of Reiki, Chakra healing, energy work and German New Medicine has helped me to overcome many energy blocks and allowed me to heal in different areas of my life. Her peaceful, positive and inviting healing environment combined with her utmost level of professionalism is one of the many reasons I continue to receive healing from her. A truly beautiful and enlightening experience every time. Thank you for everything Jackie"

Jason Gerber

"I am very happy with the knowledge and tools for living that I have gained from the DreamBuilder program. The information was life changing and was the piece of the puzzle that I was missing. Thank you very much Jackie, I appreciate all that you do!"


“I met Jackie at a time in my life when a person I love very dearly was searching for more in life than what a doctor said he needed as he said there was no chemical in the world that he would willing put into his body knowingly; when he was presented with the choice of energy healing he decided this was for him. I knew very little of energy healing at the time we started but trusted in what he wanted to proceed with. As I watched him grow stronger and happier, I started to go in for energy healing and clearing’s. The areas in my body and mind that once had been an area of concern, no longer would say hello to me, the anger filled with joy and happiness the load on my shoulders of worry and negativity was replaced with encouragement and positivity. The pain in joints and body parts that I never knew could hurt so much went away to a point where it was a forgotten memory. Each time the world seems too big and bitter, Jackie comes in with the perfect clearing or healing needed to put my world back to its perfect pea size that taste delicious. Thank you Jackie!"

Tanya B.

“I have had the opportunity of having a reading with Jackie and a Reiki treatment in person. The accuracy of everything that came through my reading was astonishing. Jackie presented everything to me in a way that made my whole life make sense. I felt the impact of the clearing immediately and found myself buoyant and full of energy after our session. I have also had phone sessions with Jackie these past few months. After each phone session I am more confident. You are a great gift – I feel so very grateful and truly blessed that our paths have crossed. I look forward to having more sessions with you Jackie... Thank you."

Bonita G.