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Counselling Services

With extensive training through German New Medicine on how the mind operates from both the male and female side on a psychological level, and a deep understanding why people experience mental health issues, such as depression, manic depression, bi-polar, etc.  Jackquline Ann will support you in discovering the root cause of issues and challenges.

Do you have relationship challenges?
Whether it be with yourself, a spouse, family member, children, co-worker, boss or anyone.  Relationships can be challenging,  in my opinion we are lacking self love and communication skills, therefore we can take things personally and not know how to express what we want.

Couples Counselling and Individual Counselling sessions are available, with safe space, non judgement and compassion.  You will feel heard, supported and learn communication tools.  All the answers you seek are within you, allow Jackquline Ann to help you discover them.