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German New Medicine

Founded in Germany by Dr. Hamer over 30 years ago, it has now reached North America. Dr. Hamer discovered that every DISEASE originates from an unexpected shock experience. He established that such a sudden shock affects not only the PSYCHE, but impacts at the same time (visible on a brain scan) the part of the brain that corresponds biologically to the specific trauma. Whether the body responds to the unexpected event with a tumor growth (cancer), with tissue degeneration, or with functional loss, is determined by the exact type of conflict shock. So far, Dr. Hamer has been able to confirm these discoveries with over 40,000 case studies. Since HEALING can only occur after the conflict has been resolved, German New Medicine Therapy focuses on identifying and resolving the original shock. Dr. Hamer is the first to prove scientifically that cancer, for example is not – as previously thought – a senseless proliferation of deadly cancer cells but rather part of a Significant Biological Special Program (SBS) of Nature that has been successfully practiced for millions of years.

German New Medicine offers a completely new understanding of what we commonly call “disease”. By understanding the Five Biological Laws that Dr. Hamer discovered, we liberate ourselves from the fear and panic that often comes with the onset of illness. Dr. Hamer’s GNM has a success rate of 92%.

Jackquline Ann Studied German New Medicine for 5 years over 15 yeas ago. It is the foundation of her practice. Jackquline supports her clients with sharing the root cause of their illness or disease and uses her energy medicine modalities and life coaching programs to support healing and transformation.