When we think of coaching, we often think of sports, both individual and team. We have come to understand that anyone who achieves success in sports of any kind whether winning a trophy, medal or championship doesn’t achieve it on their own. They receive coaching and support along the way.

Life coaching or personal transformation is just like sports; having a coach and support system to achieve personal success in any and all areas of life such as Health & Wellbeing, Relationships, Job/Career and Time/Money freedom.

At Energetic Health & Wellness Centre, we believe this is a vital key in order to be, do, have and create anything you would love, in any area of your life. Humans have been programed for many generations with limiting beliefs, worry, fear and doubt which interrupt success. Some examples of limiting beliefs are I am not good enough, I am not smart enough, I am to old/young etc. Living with worry, fear and doubt stops people in their tracks from stepping outside their comfort zone, it’s too scary out there on your own. You also cannot see the picture very well when you are in the frame. With a coach and support system, someone believing in you while your belief grows, provides personal growth and achievement for your dreams and visions.

Learn tools and principles on a conscious level and heal with energy medicine to remove limiting beliefs and negative trapped emotions on a subconscious level  to be, do, have and create a life you LOVE from the inside out.

We were all born with a light inside, are you ready to Shine Yours?

You will learn how to turn possibilities into reality through re-patterning, restructuring and reprogramming thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions,  therefore creating new result…
As an an added Gift, Energy Medicine is provided thoughout the programs.

Jackie reserves a few complimentary phone discovery sessions each month in her busy calendar. (Valued at $250.00)  If having a coach to support you through life is of interest to you contact her for a no obligation Discovery Session.

Imagine – a simple system for discovering what your dreams are AND the confidence you need to go after them with joy and inner peace. In this PROVEN. 90-day process for transforming your life and jump starting the results you want to see, you will learn to live the life you want AND enjoy the fulfillment of building your dreams and visions.

DreamBuilder 90 Day Transformational Program

In this program you will receive:

  • The complete system for gaining clarity with your dreams and visions in any are of life Relationships, Finances, Health, Job/Career, including steps you can take so that you can experience a greater flow of abundance.
  • 12 LIVE group or individual coaching calls where you will get support. motivation, and the answers to your most burning dream building questions. Remember we are unable to see the picture very well when we are in the frame.  I believe in you, borrow my belief while yours grows.
  • The PROVEN Dream Builder Program complete with digital audios, guidebook to support you in staying connected to your highest potential and accelerate your results.
  • More joy, self-worth and confidence in your life as you master the spiritual side of success – in every way from finance to health and relationships.

Other Programs:

  • Life Mastery
  • Working with the Law
  • Into Your Genius
  • Standing Firm

“Discovery Phone Session” This is a complimentary no obligation 45-60 min coaching session. We will discover what is holding you back from success, what your greatest challenges are in areas of Health, Relationships, Job/Career and Time/Money Freedom and discover if the program is for you and if I am the coach for you.

Heal Your Past ♥ Live in the Present ♥ Create Your Future ♥